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A Cleaning Guide of the most Common Carpet Stains


Cleaning your carpet is sometimes an easy deal, but sometimes it is also quite a tough task to do. Especially, when you are cleaning the stains from your carpet mostly carpets are come up in light colors so sometimes to taking care of your carpet means that you need to put extra care and effort by vacuuming and dry cleaning it on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But what if during this time, your carpet affected by a stain and plus your carpet color is also light? What will you do then?


Honestly saying, not all the time you can dry clean your carpet as the first thing is it really cost you, secondly, it also affects on the life of the carpet and continuously dry cleaning also become the reason of your carpet roughness.


To consider this all, today in this article, I come up with some quick and effective home base tricks and techniques through which, you can easily clean your carpet and get rid of carpet stains without spending a lot of amount of carpet services and dry cleaning.

So let’s get the ball rolling and explore the solutions together.


Tips and tricks to get rid of common carpet stains


1. One highly effective trick that for surely removes your common carpet stains within a few minutes is a detergent or dishwashing trick with vinegar and soda.


For applying this trick, what you all need to do is simply take a one spoon liquid dishwasher/ detergents with some warm water and min it well, once you have mixed it mannerly then add some vinegar and also few amounts of soda on that mixture and then mix them all well. Once you have done with mixing then take a damp cotton cloth and start blotting it over the stain areas. Make sure that you aren’t rubbing it on the stain.


You can take a spray bottle and put your mixture in it and then spray it and blot. You can repeat this process until you start getting a result. Most of the times you start getting a result of removing the stains within minutes, and most of the times, it takes 20 to 30 minutes as it depends on the stain.


But doing this process means you will definitely get rid of the stain. After this, you can dry and vacuum that specific area of stain mannerly.


2. A second alternative approach is applying a soda. You can also directly apply a soda on your carpet stain and then blot it with the help of a cloth. Similarly, you can also mix soda with water or put it over the stain as it also works in the same way and helps you to remove the stain from your carpet.


But in case you can’t be able to arrange soda, then what else you need to do is white wine. White wine also does the same thing like the soda but make sure that once you realize that the stain is completely removed from your carpet then absorb the remaining fluid of white wine or soda water with the help of your cotton cloth or even from the kitchen absorbent paper.


After this, dry that stain area properly so that it gives you a feeling of clean and fresh like the new one.


3. Another quick trick which you can apply Is a vinegar with water. You can easily add vinegar drops in your water and dab it on the stained area. Make sure you are not rubbing or scrubbing it. In all the tricks what you all need to do is simply dab it with the help of a cotton cloth. By doing this, you will see the result of reducing the satin within couple of minutes.


After doing this, don’t forget to dry that specific area


At last, the above-mentioned tricks are super easy, and you can easily find these ingredients at your home. So like there is no need to spend an extra amount of money just for the sake of carpet stain cleaning.

Simply try these tricks at your home, and you will see the amazing and incredible stain removing results on your carpet without any asking.


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Step by Step Guide to Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the basic and essential cleaning things, but sometimes things lead in bad or worse way unexpectedly. The reason behind this the way which we adopt, sometimes our cleaning tricks aren’t that much valid or right as we supposed or expected so to overcome this hurdle or to give you a right way direction that how can you clean your bathroom mannerly, my today’s topic is a step by step guideline to cleaning your bathroom, by following the below-mentioned steps you cannot clean your bathroom but also save your time as well.


Additionally, this is also helpful for those who have a maid at their place, so by reading this they can instruct as well as observe them that whether they are picking or cleaning your bathroom in the right way or not.


So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the steps of cleaning a bathroom together.





One main thing which people take it, so light is not to remove the items, make sure that before cleaning your bathroom you have removed all the necessary items from your bathroom counter and cabinets. I am saying this, because, this helps to make your cleaning without any hurdle, secondly, make sure that you have a trash can or bin with you, as some items are not necessary or ended so you can trash them as well.



Next step is to dust all the vents, door locks, doors or anything which you think need to be dusted first before cleaning your bathroom, once you have done with the dusting then start sweeping, majority of us do hair and brush/comb in our bathroom so sweeping helps them to collect all the hairs which is placed on your bathroom floor so sweep them all first and then start applying a cleaner ( your bathroom cleaning products) on your shower, bathtub, commode seat, and all and leave them for a while.



In between this time, do other things, like clean surfaces, shelves, faucets, counter, towel racks, door, baseboards, blinds, window sills, and wipe down with any microfiber cloth or sponge.



After this apply cleaner or cleaning products which you use for your floor cleaning with water and start cleaning your bathroom floor.



The next step is to clean your toilet; now, this is the time when you have to wash or flush the detergent which you put on your commode. Same like this, make sure to wash and clean your bathtub and washbasin/ sink.  During the time of cleaning you can use scrub brush, toilet brush, and anything else which you generally use for your toilet cleaning. 

Once you have done with this all then make sure to sprinkle or spray a bathroom/ toilet freshener. You can easily get it from any mart and in the cleaning department. It is essential as it gives you an eco-friendly and sanitizing feeling.



At last, after doing all the steps, simply mop your bathroom floor and give it a final spotless shiny look. Despite this, for making your cleaning long-lasting, try to keep a small bin (trash bin) in your bathroom, so through this, you can put all your trash inside that bin instead of taking it inside any cabinets or shelves.


Also, make sure that you have installed a hair catcher in your drain, so this will help and avoid any kind of buildup. Plus, another tip which I suggest you is to try at least to clean your bathroom thrice time in a week if you want an eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning.



In some places there are separate bathrooms and toilets, so it doesn’t matter if you have a separate bathroom or toilet the cleaning process is same. Rest, there are also some other advanced cleaning products which offer you eco-friendly cleanings like sprays that also ensure you to prevent your bathroom from any kind of bacteria and germs. So before going to purchase any cleaning product make sure you have checked and read it mannerly.


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How to Make the Most of your Home Cleaning Session?



If you have decided to book a home cleaning session, regardless if it is regular or one-off, you are in for a good treat. This will provide you with some free time, which you would otherwise need to invest in cleaning. You have two options: you can let the cleaner do their job, hoping for the best, or you can do your part and ensure a perfect result. In this article, you will find several great tips for doing your part to ensure you get the most of your cleaning session.


1. Get to know your cleaner

In most cases, when you book regular cleaning service, the company will send out a cleaner for you, who will remain in service till you cancel the service. This means the same person will be responsible for the job, unless of course they are sick, on holiday, or replaced by someone else on your demand. When you get to know them, you can engage in a little chat and become friends. That way, you will have peace of mind when they visit your home. By doing a customer-friendly introduction, you get a chance to see who the cleaner is and instruct them in person. This is also a great chance for the cleaner to find out more about your home, where you keep cleaning gear and so on.

2. Declutter the area first

It is always a great idea to declutter your home before getting it cleaned. The reason is simple: your cleaner doesn’t know where the magazines and newspapers on the living room table belong. Instead of moving them to clean the area, they will just ignore it and thus not do much of their job. By decluttering your home before the cleaner’s visit, you open up the area and let them see what is up for cleaning.

3. Make a list of tasks for your cleaner

It is always a good idea to make a list of tasks for your cleaner, instead of leaving them to guess what needs doing. They will also know how to schedule their time and prioritise tasks. You can do the prioritisation part yourself, which is even better. That way, the cleaner won’t miss out on a task that seems most important to you, and you will appreciate the outcome of their cleaning efforts every single time.

4. Ensure there are enough cleaning materials

Unless otherwise specified, you will be the one providing the cleaning materials for the sessions. As such, you have to keep stock of your cleaning materials and ensure there is everything your cleaner needs. Otherwise, they will not be able to do their duty and leave some chores unattended. Get the brands you trust and use yourself, and keep them in your home for the cleaner to include in their operations.

5. Take care of your pets

It is never a good idea to leave your pets in the house during a cleaning session. There are a few reasons for this. First, your pet may not react well to the cleaner, especially if you are not home. Second, the cleaner may be allergic to pets, which is also a big consideration.

6. Give them feedback

After a cleaning session, it is a good idea to share what you think of the work with your cleaner. Share both the good and the bad with them. This is the only way to ensure that any mistakes will be cleared and the good cleaning work will continue in the future.

Now that you know how to make of your cleaning service feel free to implement the tricks the next time you hire one.

Contact First Choice Cleaning Company for more information on the matter.

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How to Dust your Home Properly



Dusting your home on a frequent basis is very important. Unfortunate as it may be, dust accumulates all the time from your daily activities. It covers the carpet, the upholstery and the items around your rooms. It is particularly annoying to deal with it if you have allergies since dust contains all sort of allergens: bacteria, pollen and outside pollutants.


As it turns out, there are wrong and right ways to clean dust. There are ways that you can be more effective, and things you can do that will only waste your time and effort, while not being of much help. Following are a few tips that you should implement in your routine for better dusting results:


Pick the right tools – effective dusting begins long before you get to do the actual task. You need to have the right tools for the job, or else you will be investing effort in vain. Perhaps it comes as a surprise to you, but feather dusters do not make the best tool for the job. In 99% of the cases, you are better off with a microfibre cloth. Just wet it and run it across the surface with dust to clean it. The best part of microfibre cloths is that they are soft and pretty much suitable for every kind of surface out there. If you are regular in your efforts, you need only run the cloth once. If the dust is a thick layer, you will need water so that it doesn’t shoot out in the room. When you are done dusting the area, you can use furniture polish. You can do that, if you like the extra shine, but be careful how you use it. Some surfaces, such as those with glossy wood, because it adds a hard-to-remove film. For such areas, using just a damp cloth is more than enough. If you are dealing with a lot of nooks and crannies, you need a bunch of q-tips. While it can be a bother, you know you are removing dust, which is good. The good news is that you don’t need to be as thorough every single time.


Always dust from high to low left to right – the first thing that every professional cleaner learns is efficient movement around the room. By far the best way to go about it is to start cleaning from the top and move to the bottom. The reason for this is simple: you want dust and debris falling down so that you can tackle them later. It is also a good idea to start from a corner and work your way around it. If you don’t follow such an approach, you will end up wasting time and effort.


Don’t miss the small details – it is easy to see that horizontal surfaces need some attention. However, you may overlook the items sitting on the shelves. It may be a nuisance, but picking up the items sitting around and dusting underneath is important. It is not necessary to do it every single time you dust, but once every few weeks is recommended. Some of your décors are perhaps intricate enough to gather dust. Hand washing them and dusting around the intricate parts may be necessary.


Inspect for dust bunnies – if you often see dust bunnies moving around with a slight breeze, it is a good idea to hunt for them when dusting. A common place for these is under furniture, where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach. For TV stands and centres, move components and dust there.


Following all of these tips when dusting at home will significantly improve the process. With less dust around, you will be able to breathe better.



If you are looking for more cleaning tips, be sure to check with First Choice Cleaning Company.

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5 Things You Should Do In Your Home to Keep It Neat and Clean


Have you ever walked into a friend’s home to find zero dishes left in the sink, no grime on door handles and light switches and no dust on the surfaces around the place? Surely, when it comes to home cleaning, every little effort counts.


Believe it or not, it takes daily effort to keep your home in pristine condition at all times. Although you should see to cleaning something every single day, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of the tasks are easy but overall make quite the difference. Here is a quick list that you should follow:

Make your bed – believe it or not, something as simple as making your bed can have a significant impact on how the room looks and feels when you walk inside. Since you associate the bedroom with your bed, you will instantly think it is all tidy and clean when the bed itself is made up.

  • On the other hand, if you don’t make your bed, you will think the room is a complete mess, whereas it is just your sleeping area that is rather chaotic. Besides, putting your sheets and the pillow you sleep on away means that they will remain clean for longer. Last, but not least, doing a simple chore like that will give you a boost in motivation for the remainder of the day.
  • Make it easy for your children to pick up toys – your child’s playroom can quickly get cluttered and messy, mainly from toys. You can easily stay on top of that clutter by providing your children with the means to stop the mess in addition to teaching them to put toys away. Large baskets work well for this task. Your children can just toss and pile all of their toys inside. Later, when they want to play with them, they can easily access them all. For children, putting away toys can be just as fun as playing with them, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Wipe stainless steel – stainless steel appliances are beautiful only if they are kept clean. Whether in the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, you need to do a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth. You can do so with plain water, or baby oil, to give the surface added shine.
  • Wipe the bathroom sink – one of the areas of your bathroom that gets the dirtiest is the sink. It could be a toothpaste splatter or soap scum. In any case, giving it a quick wipe with a cloth can make a huge difference. Don’t forget to address the faucet as well.
  • Clean heavy traffic surfaces – while it may seem like a waste of time and effort to clean your remote control or phone screen on a daily basis, it is actually a very good thing to do. Such items accumulate a ton of bacteria and germs through daily use, so it is only healthy to clean them regularly.Doing these things on a daily basis has the potential to change how your home looks and feels.


If you need more useful tips and help with cleaning in your home, be sure to contact First Choice Cleaning Company on 020 8945 5046.


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